Homemade Halloween...

I realized how few decorations I have when it comes to holidays... except Christmas ! I'm good in that department. I've been promising Noah that we would get his "light up" pumpkins out as soon as it was October. So after getting them out for him yesterday, I remembered I had a few other decorations, but not many for Halloween. So, instead of going to the craft store ( which is what I really wanted to do, but knew my husband would kill me if I spent money on stuff that I am " talented enough to make " * his words*... I took his words to heart and made a couple cute things for the house. Luckily I had a ton of old little frames that I had painted and sanded awhile ago, but never did anything with them. They turned out simple and cute. The house looks a little more festive now, and I can use some of them for " Fall " decor :) Score !

I have a few favorite blogs that I read on a regular basis. They are all about these women and mothers who *seem too* have it all together. And I would bet money, that most of them do. And I am guilty of comparing myself to them. As women, unfortunately, I think it just comes naturally. Even to women I don't know from blogs I *randomly* find. I (hope) can't be the only one who does this. I mean, it's being written about in articles and publications all over. Especially about Mormon mothers/bloggers. This has become a huge topic lately. Why is it that Mormon mothers portray such a perfect normal, happy life ? So many of them make it look so easy. They have perfect looking and behaved children, gorgeous husbands who worship their wives, beautiful, richly decorated homes, hobbies, talents beyond measure, the most up-to-date, in style clothing, shopping trips w/ friends, lunch dates, they are devout in their beliefs. But is it all real ? Are their lives really that perfect.*long pause* .... I'm guessing that their kids fight too and some days, as soon as their husbands walk in the door, they want to say " your turn ". 

Yesterday, as I looked around my little cottage home, I thought of others. My friends, people I don't even know from blogs I read, and I compared myself to them. When Josh and I bought this little house, it was the perfect " first home " for us. It was small, had character, was in the cottage district of Heber ( built in 1890 ), and we were just so excited to be married and have a home to start our new lives together. Now, 6 years and two kids later, we are growing too big for this house. My house is loud. My kids are wild, very active. My mom says when she's talking to me on the phone, that my house sounds like a zoo. Toys are everywhere, even though I pick up all day long. I scream at the children more often than I should. There are days I just want to cry. But... I also have a husband who works very hard for his family. For his wife, so that I can stay home with our boys. He is fulfilling MY dream. My house is cozy. It always smells good because of things that are cooking in the kitchen. My boys and I laugh all the time. Noah says the funniest things, we dance to "Moves Like Jagger",  and Liam is constantly smiling and he's starting to kiss me back *melt*. I have shabby chic furniture all over the house, that I have refurbished myself. I have doilies galore, and pictures of my family all around. My husband and I just laugh most of the time, when the boys are screaming and we just want to crawl under the covers. This is our life. And it's a good one. We won't always live in this tiny house. Josh still has projects and plans at work that he wants to complete, and then we will start looking for jobs in Washington or Oregon. Our top 2 dream places to live. We will have more closet space. The boys will have their own rooms. I won't have to turn sideways to get into the worlds my tiny laundry room. We won't have idiots for neighbors who rev their truck engines for NO GOOD REASON. I can handle this for another 2 years. I'm proud of my husband. I'm proud of my boys. And... I'm proud of myself for being a good mother. I'm not a perfect mother, but I am a good mother every day.  Maybe not all day, every day. But every day... I try. My boys know this as I kiss them goodnight. So, all you mom's out there. Stop comparing yourself to others. Just do the best job you can do. Love your kids... love your husband, and love yourself... and don't worry that your Halloween decorations are homemade. Your kids don't care. All they care about is that they get to plug in their pumpkin lights at night :)

PS. Does anyone read this blog anymore. I'm seriously thinking about giving it up :(


Kasey said…
Cute decorations, Deb!

I don't think any of those bloggers have perfect lives; they just choose to make it look that way. I can appreciate wanting to focus on the positive, but it does make people start to wonder if they're the only ones who are cleaning up spills and poop and snotty noses, huh? Kind of like flipping through a magazine where every photo has been photoshopped. It is what they make it. I think you are a fantastic mother!
Kristin said…
I still read your blog. Cute photo frames for Halloween. I need to be better at making some crafts to decorate for other holidays. I have tons for Christmas but not much else either.