Monday, October 21, 2013



I can't believe how long I've neglected my poor little blog. Not that anyone really reads it anymore. But, I got busy the other day doing what I love so much... crafting. I absolutely LOVE bunting ! I think it makes a home so cozy. And of course, I feel like I'm living in a little English cottage... right in the middle of Utah. I still have a few blogs that I read on a daily basis that inspire me and make me happy, but I think more and more people are keeping busy with Facebook and Twitter and letting their blogs fly away in the fall breeze. Some days I loathe social media and then others, I'm grateful for (aspects ) of it. Although, my heart and soul still think it's more meaningful and romantic to actually pic up pen and paper and put your words down. Like I said many years ago, the art of hand written letters has been lost. It's shameful ! I'm reading a book called " The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society ". Wonderful, wonderful book... it's not a chapter book. It is comprised ALL of letters going back and forth between dear friends. What happened to those days ? Well, just because everyone else has stopped, doesn't mean I have to. It's so exciting to get an actual letter in the mailbox.  Anyway... don't know when I'll get back. If anyone is out there... be well :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Right Now....

I am drinking: Coconut Macadamia Herbal Tea
I am wearing: My "City of Rocks " t-shirt from our Idaho camping trip last year. That was a good weekend get-away
I am listening to: Jamie Cullum. Love his jazzy voice
I am watching (lately): Downton Abbey. I shouldn't be though. It's season 3 and I have yet to watch season 2. Such a good show !
I am thinking: How in love I am w/ my husband. When life gets busy and the kids are driving us nuts... I sometimes forget that it all started with just the two of us. And... he is my best friend. He's a better person than I am. I'm very lucky to have him.
I am eating: I just shoved a heaping spoonful of the yummy potato salad I made last night into my pie hole. So good !
I am reading: The House at Riverton -By Kate Morton
I am hoping: My husband will shave his Grizzly Adams beard off soon :) I miss his handsome face and his gorgeous full lips I love to smooch.
I am wondering:  Why I've been feeling a little depressed the last couple of days. And what I need to do to change that. I'm rarely down, so this is weird.
I am enjoying: Seeing my big boy Noah do so well in school. His little personality is shining through and I'm so glad everyone else is seeing what we see.
I am wishing: My husband and I could go on dates more. * I need to find a babysitter I trust*
I am working on: Super cute shabby Valentine's Day decorations

I am cooking: Warm, tummy filling Beef and Barley soup. It was a favorite of mine when I was a kid and it is so comforting. Especially since it has been snowing the last 3 days

That's what I'm up to.. what about you ? :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Homemade Halloween...

I realized how few decorations I have when it comes to holidays... except Christmas ! I'm good in that department. I've been promising Noah that we would get his "light up" pumpkins out as soon as it was October. So after getting them out for him yesterday, I remembered I had a few other decorations, but not many for Halloween. So, instead of going to the craft store ( which is what I really wanted to do, but knew my husband would kill me if I spent money on stuff that I am " talented enough to make " * his words*... I took his words to heart and made a couple cute things for the house. Luckily I had a ton of old little frames that I had painted and sanded awhile ago, but never did anything with them. They turned out simple and cute. The house looks a little more festive now, and I can use some of them for " Fall " decor :) Score !

I have a few favorite blogs that I read on a regular basis. They are all about these women and mothers who *seem too* have it all together. And I would bet money, that most of them do. And I am guilty of comparing myself to them. As women, unfortunately, I think it just comes naturally. Even to women I don't know from blogs I *randomly* find. I (hope) can't be the only one who does this. I mean, it's being written about in articles and publications all over. Especially about Mormon mothers/bloggers. This has become a huge topic lately. Why is it that Mormon mothers portray such a perfect normal, happy life ? So many of them make it look so easy. They have perfect looking and behaved children, gorgeous husbands who worship their wives, beautiful, richly decorated homes, hobbies, talents beyond measure, the most up-to-date, in style clothing, shopping trips w/ friends, lunch dates, they are devout in their beliefs. But is it all real ? Are their lives really that perfect.*long pause* .... I'm guessing that their kids fight too and some days, as soon as their husbands walk in the door, they want to say " your turn ". 

Yesterday, as I looked around my little cottage home, I thought of others. My friends, people I don't even know from blogs I read, and I compared myself to them. When Josh and I bought this little house, it was the perfect " first home " for us. It was small, had character, was in the cottage district of Heber ( built in 1890 ), and we were just so excited to be married and have a home to start our new lives together. Now, 6 years and two kids later, we are growing too big for this house. My house is loud. My kids are wild, very active. My mom says when she's talking to me on the phone, that my house sounds like a zoo. Toys are everywhere, even though I pick up all day long. I scream at the children more often than I should. There are days I just want to cry. But... I also have a husband who works very hard for his family. For his wife, so that I can stay home with our boys. He is fulfilling MY dream. My house is cozy. It always smells good because of things that are cooking in the kitchen. My boys and I laugh all the time. Noah says the funniest things, we dance to "Moves Like Jagger",  and Liam is constantly smiling and he's starting to kiss me back *melt*. I have shabby chic furniture all over the house, that I have refurbished myself. I have doilies galore, and pictures of my family all around. My husband and I just laugh most of the time, when the boys are screaming and we just want to crawl under the covers. This is our life. And it's a good one. We won't always live in this tiny house. Josh still has projects and plans at work that he wants to complete, and then we will start looking for jobs in Washington or Oregon. Our top 2 dream places to live. We will have more closet space. The boys will have their own rooms. I won't have to turn sideways to get into the worlds my tiny laundry room. We won't have idiots for neighbors who rev their truck engines for NO GOOD REASON. I can handle this for another 2 years. I'm proud of my husband. I'm proud of my boys. And... I'm proud of myself for being a good mother. I'm not a perfect mother, but I am a good mother every day.  Maybe not all day, every day. But every day... I try. My boys know this as I kiss them goodnight. So, all you mom's out there. Stop comparing yourself to others. Just do the best job you can do. Love your kids... love your husband, and love yourself... and don't worry that your Halloween decorations are homemade. Your kids don't care. All they care about is that they get to plug in their pumpkin lights at night :)

PS. Does anyone read this blog anymore. I'm seriously thinking about giving it up :(


Friday, September 21, 2012

Vintage Doilies...

My mom went to an estate sale ( the same estate sale that she got my vanity set), and put a bid on a box full of vintage doilies, and table runners. They are gorgeous...and another one of my treasures.Could I BE more of a Grandma ? :) * love the little French Poodle embroidery *

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer 2012 Besties....

Best Buddies !
Best Cousin Time w/ Brennon and Finn

Best Naps ~ This kid was sawing some serious logs this summer

Best Pool Time

Best Mommy Time
Best Daddy Time
Best Trips
Great Basin 
Seaside, Oregon 
Amish Farm-Ohio 
Best Mom and Dad love

Best Sailing Themed 1st Birthday Party
Best 1st Trip to the Dentist
Best Time Spent w/ Grandparents
Great Grandma Laney
Poppy Kramer
Yaya Kramer
Grammie Hooker
It has been a good summer in the Jurgensen house !

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Vanity... but not what you think... I'm talking Vanity set !! (Brush, comb, mirror, talcum powder, 2 powder cases) For my birthday this year, my mom went to an auction the state had for a woman who passed away. The auction was held because her children could not agree on who could have what of their mothers. So... to be fair, an auction was held. To think of that makes my heart break. I would not want some stranger taking home things that my parents held dear to them. But.... I will do this poor, sweet ( I imagine in my mind that she was sweet and beautiful and dainty ), proud by displaying her beautiful vanity set and treasuring it until I am old. My mother saw this and fought tooth and nail and was not going to be outbid by anyone... even the woman's children. She knew how much I would LOVE these pieces. And she was right ! It was my favorite birthday present this year. Being the romantic and sentimental person I am, I like to envision the life this set has had. How the previous owners must have felt so special for having these pieces to help make them feel more beautiful. How, every night they must have brushed their hair before going to bed and looked at themselves in the mirror making sure they looked just right before heading out the door for a night on the town w/ their love. Now, I just need to find the perfect mirror/platter to put them all on. And maybe one day I will find a vanity dresser to paint and refurbish to put in my room. I hope and pray that my boys will marry girls who are as sentimental as me ( if that's possible ), and they will find the things that I have loved and treasured just as special as I did after I am gone.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Innocent Daydreaming or.....

I've been thinking about this subject a lot lately.  Some people might think I'm being silly, but there are days when I ponder this. I have always believed that true happiness is "not wanting to be anywhere, but right where you are". And I do honestly feel that I am happy. I adore my husband (most days :)), I worship my children (not every moment of every day, but absolutely every day :)), I love my little, cozy house, I'm living my dream of being a stay at home mother... so why... do I constantly daydream of being somewhere else, in a different time ? I always joke that I was born in the wrong era. I really think I should have been a young mother in the 1940's. I really think I should be living in Italy or France on a farm. I'd rather live in Europe then the US. (I am NOT anti American by any means) the way: in all these dreams of mine... I am still married to Josh and still have my beautiful Noah and Liam. Those parts, the most treasured parts of my life, remain the same. So... is it all just innocent daydreaming, or would I rather be somewhere else ? I am obsessed w/ French music, and building a house one day that looks like an old English cottage. Am I just a romantic (yes), do I just have an old soul (yes), is it just my taste (most likely), or am I not "truly" happy w/ what I've got (I don't think so). Everyone has dreams, but I feel these are longings for me. I feel I (and my family) should be "there". Maybe I was there in another life (if you believe in that sort of thing), and my soul and heart just realizes this and remembers. Can the soul remember ?

I don't know why I'm writing this. My poor little blog does not get the kind of traffic that those "popular" blogs get. I know I will not get comments that support me or tell me I'm just a big time dreamer and to get over it and just go on vacation to one of these places. Maybe the reality could never live up to my dreams anyway. Maybe I'm just writing for myself. I'll write my dreams down in my journal for my children to read some day. Maybe we'll actually go to one of these places some day, and I'll convince my husband to buy a run down villa to fix up, and let us stay there :) Maybe I should just get up and do the laundry and make my kids lunch.

Either way.... these are my feelings.